Teenagers and children from around the world are showing their talent in everything from painting to ceramics, print-making and marbling in an exhibition that gives them a platform beyond race, language and culture.

The Third International Children’s Art Exhibition opened on Wednesday at the Shanghai Art Collection Museum.

The exhibition features almost 200 works from countries including China, Egypt, Russia, the Czech Republic, Iran, Ukraine, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Austria, Australia, France, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The selected artworks are rich in content, different in technique, diverse in form and distinct in genre, such as paper-cutting, creative collage, fabric, oil painting, paper marbling, Chinese painting, pyrography (burning designs into wood), paper-making, rubbing, printmaking, calligraphy, ceramic, creative models and tie-dye.

Ti Gong

“The Peace” by Jinu Cui, 7, from South Korea

Ti Gong

“Egyptian Mystery” by Christof Krpac, 9, from the Cezch Republic

Organizers say the works not only reflect the essence of Chinese culture but also fully demonstrate the diversity of culture along the Belt and Road Initiative countries from Asia to Europe.

In fact, this year’s theme is “Explore the Colorful Belt and Road.”

As a collection of a group of young artists’  works about the Belt and Road countries, the exhibition portrays their natural, historical and cultural landscapes.

Lively and imaginative paintings by Egyptian youth depict a pyramid covered by snow and a castle beside the golden beach, which show the love to their motherland.

The painting “Ramayana” by Thai children vividly shows images from the Sanskrit epic that resonates from India through Southeast Asia. The painting “Dun Huang Night” is created by child from Czech Republic, which shows the magnificent sights of the ancient Silk Road Crossroads city of Dun Huang in China.

These artworks not only show the young artists’ love of their homeland but present their thoughts on cultural exchange along the Belt and Road as well.

Organizers say this exhibition will build a platform for young people around the globe to promote cultural and artistic exchange and share further understanding about each other’s historical and rich civilization.

Exhibition details

Date: Through September 22 (closed on Mondays), 9am-4pm
Venue: Shanghai Art Collection Museum
Address: 1731 Yan’an Rd W. (inside Tianshan Park)

Ti Gong

“Castel” by Hanan Mohamed and Naden Mohamed, 11 and 10, from Egypt