The public welfare art project “X-Flash” is back in the city in its third year.

Curated by Jia Bu and Wang Yan, each year “X-Flash” chooses a public square and invites architects or designers to create either a functional space with interactive activities or a platform to produce some innovative art.

This year, it falls on the west square of the Power Station of Art. Occupying an area of 500 square meters, the outdoor space is divided into three functional areas: exhibition area, stage area and fun area.

The highlight goes to the pyramid-shaped exhibition area where one artist, every day, gets to exhibit his work, varying from installation, performance, video to interactive art.

As the exhibition area is established on the central axis of the art museum, visitors inside are able to see the huge chimney, the symbol of the Power Station of Art, through the skylight at its best viewing angle.

“All the outdoor structures are made from steel, echoing the industrial atmosphere wafted over Power Station of Art,” said Wang Yan, major designer of the outdoor space. “They are akin to a gravitational field that is filled with power and poetic aura.”

The fun area is created by artist Gu Benchi who swiftly links the red silk threads through the many different angled poles to create a maze and ask people to go around and get involved. Layer by layer, they conjure up a crowd like “a romantic rouge cloud,” rendering an impressive visual power and experience for passersby.

During the exhibition, seminars involving the relationship between architecture art and public cultural life will also be held.


Date: Through December 27, 10am-5pm

Venue: Power Station of Art, west square

Address: 678 Miaojiang Rd