Who knows what the impro fest will bring?

Ti Gong

The 3rd Shanghai Improvisation Festival is comprised of performances, workshops and other activities.

The 3rd Shanghai Improvisation Festival will run through Sunday with performances, workshops and a grand improvisation party.

Audiences will be taken on an “adventure” of dance, music, theater, architecture, lighting, drawing, costume design, new media, installations and video.

About 30 artists have been invited, including Eldar Baruch from Israel, Marsell Anhel Chavarria from the United States and Angela Stoecklin from Switzerland.

As its name suggests, the festival is sure to be full of surprises.

The 16 workshops are the highlights of the event. Among them, “Creative Movement for Parents and Their Children” and “New Fabrication from the Old for Parents and Their Children” require registration as parent-child teams. The other workshops are open to the public.

For example, “Body-Mind in One Chanting and Dance Workshop,” taught by Jay Peng, uses chants and dance from the Tujia and Miao ethnic minorities to see ourselves and to connect with another self. It may seem to be improvised singing or dancing, but according to the artist, it is actually an uncovering of ancestral memories and a door to wisdom within our bodies.