The first-ever exhibition dedicated to the Power Station of Art museum’s permanent collection is under way on PSA’s second floor through March 8.

Titled “The Return of Guests,” the exhibition features a wide range of media artifacts, including video, photography, painting, sculpture, installation and literature created by nearly 40 artists and collectives housed inside the former power plant that was converted into a contemporary art museum in 2012.

The re-gathering will prioritize works from artists who have significantly contributed to the development of Chinese contemporary art as well as emerging talent, including key exhibits from past, Shanghai Biennales, as well as creations commissioned specially for PSA’s iconic industrial space.

Starting with an “open warehouse,” the inaugural collection exhibition allows visitors to approach art from unfamiliar perspectives.

It provides a view on collection maintenance, restoration, transportation and research for a close-up encounter with artworks in a different context from a typical exhibition environment. Following on from the “open warehouse,” the exhibition marks out a multitude of itineraries, with a number of pieces presented in the museum’s common space to help create an open context for dialogue.

Emphasizing the ongoing state of “collecting” while seeking to challenge the static relationship between artists (as creators), museums (as caretakers) and artworks (as commodities), the exhibition looks to deconstruct preconceived understandings of the exhibition in contemporary society.

Artists featured at the exhibition include Rheim Alkadhi, aaajiao, Joseph Beuys, Cai Guoqiang, Chen Chieh-jen, Chen Shaoxiong and Franklin Chow.

The museum will also provide continuous updates to lists of selected artists and artworks as the exhibition period advances.

Exhibition info

Date: Through March 8 (closed on Mondays), 11am-6pm
Venue: 2/F, Power Station of Art
Address: 678 Miaojiang Rd

Welcome 'Return of Guests'

Courtesy of Power Station of Art

The inaugural collection exhibition allows visitors to approach art from unfamiliar perspectives.