Sun Jianhua is China national senior artist, a member of China Artists Association and a member of China Photographers Association. With a unique style in art and photographic design, his art and photographic work received Galaxy Award — which is the national social cultural & arts administration supreme award set by the Ministry of Culture of People’s Republic of China, and dozens of other awards.

Lots of his works are published on the books including The World’s Art CollectionContemporary Chinese ArtistsArtChinese Photography and Chinese Photographers, etc.; Except for the Painting Collections of Sun Jianhua, which is published in different languages by publishing institutions at home and abroad, he also has more than sixty categories of personal works collections. More than 20 works, including Tianzi MountainZhangjiajie Landscape Painting and Celebration were made into stamps issued in China, America, France, Germany and Canada.

It soon became the “national card” and was recorded into the stamp history. Golden Whip Stream and other 4 works are also listed as World Heritage collected in world’s famous museums and libraries such as Louvre France, National Library of France, British Museum, British Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Library of Congress and National Library of China. He was once honored with “advanced workers in Hunan Province” by Provincial Party Committee and government of Hunan Province.