The path of art, for many, is not a smooth one. That’s why a good beginning is vital.

Recently a special exhibition began at M50 — a transformed industrial zone in the heart of Shanghai. The participating works are all created from those tomorrow-to-be-artists.

The exhibition which runs through Tuesday, features a group of students’ graduation works from the Academy of Fine Arts of the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts.

Selecting about 17 students’ works, the exhibition varies from sculptures and installation works to video, public art and performing art.

Established in 2005, SIVA’s policy is: “If someone has not, then I have; if someone has, then I have something new; if someone has something new, then I have something special; if someone has something special, then I have something excellent.”

Shi Mo, director of the Academy of Fine Arts, said: “This exhibition is not only an exposure of a variety of comprehensive contemporary art languages and forms from the young graduates, but also a revelation of the pioneering and innovative teaching art mode of the academy.”

Ti Gong


“Cloths,” created by Sheng Feiyan, immediately catches the eyes of visitors. The installation is made up from rolls of small black pieces to create the shape of a huge bachelor’s degree graduation cloak.

But Sheng hides her real purpose inside the inner part of these broken parts, including either certificates or watercolors.

“In this age of possibilities, a stable self almost becomes an illusion,” said Sheng. “We desire to be loved and respected, and so I choose and assemble materials or paintings that can show my own identity inside a bachelor’s uniform.”

Perhaps there is a mixed and complicated feeling among all these students saying goodbye to their campus days.

Another spotlight at the exhibition is “The Future Party,” created by He Xudong. It is inspired by the roaring groundhog video popular on the Internet.

The work features three standing groundhog sculptures. When visitors approach them, the infrared somatosensory device in the base triggers an automatic playback of the unique real sound made by the groundhog.

“It seems that the groundhogs are crying, which might echo the complicated psychological feelings of those of us who are looking forward to, yet at the same time very nervous about, entering society,” He said.