A digital art exhibition, “Expect the Unexpected,” is currently on display at Shanghai Himalayas Museum through October 27.

GeeksArt, a new media art group with only three years of history, has invited a multitude of international talent, including artists, programmers, engineers and inventors to showcase what some media observers have called, “The most expected digital art exhibition in 2019.”

“In my eyes, the exhibition is akin to a romantic love letter to our era and the spectacular cosmos, written by the language of science, technology and art,” said Vanessa Zheng, the curator of the show.

The exhibit showcases 14 new media artworks, including four that are being unveiled to the public for the first time.

“A new media art exhibition with a human touch. This exhibition aims to create an immersive dream-like experience through sensory dimensions,” said Zhang.

When entering the exhibition hall, the “Doors of Perception” greets visitors. James Joyce once said, “To see with concentration, everything can be a door to the cosmic eternity.”

The “ Doors of Perception” is characterized by a dance of light and a mysterious tunnel which leads the visitors to walk toward the so-called “doors of perception” where they might expand their consciousness.

Composed by 1,000 water-drop sensor lamps, a work titled “Wavelet” is the highlight of the exhibition. It was nominated for the Lumen Prize (UK) in 2018.

When one of the drops is highlighted, it spreads one-by-one like a wavelet. It is the first art installation in the world that integrates a sensor-lights system with a point-control system. In the four-minute show, visitors will feel the fun of living and the fun of being here in the flow of life.

The work implies that everything is in a state of flow, echoing the core of Chinese ancient “Daosim.” From “nothing” to “everything” and back to “nothing,” everything changes constantly and shapes the universe.


Date: Through October 27, Sunday to Thursday, 10am-6pm; Friday and Saturday, 10am-9:30pm

Tickets: 128 yuan

Venue: Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Address: 869 Yinghua Rd, Pudong New Area

Tales of 'Expect the Unexpected'