Redesigning, redefining a city and culture


The three-day 2018 Shanghai Design Week will kick off on August 31 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. It will focus on the function of “redesign” to “redefine” the future city and urban life to change the consuming habits and interpretation about fashion, to change the ecological system and upgrade industries.

Occupying an area of 25,000 square meters, this year’s Shanghai Design Week is larger and richer than previous events, with offerings varying from culture to technology, science, fashion, education to art and cuisine.

Entering the exhibition hall, visitors can take part in a series of interactive installations for a special experience.

Ti Gong

There are six halls: “City Evolution,” “Exquisite Life, ” “Imaginative Future,” “Purple Boundary,” “Artistic Cuisine” and “Creativity Gathering.”

Designed by renowned architect Wang Zhongping, the entrance of the exhibition hall resembles to a huge pyramid, as if inviting the visitors to experience more about the relationship between man and life, city and nature.

Organizers say 60 percent of the objects in the 2018 Shanghai Design Week are specially made or newly produced. Nearly 100 designers, artists and opinion-makers from around the world will participate in the event.

Besides the exhibition, several forums focusing on various subjects including “Art and Technology,” “The Power of Color” and “The Laws of Dynamic Community” will also be held.

A series of activities such as a “Mask Carnival” and “I Am the Detective” will also lighten up the atmosphere on site.

Ti Gong

Event information

Date: August 31-September 2, 9am-6pm
Admission: 60 yuan
Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center
Address: 1000 Yan’an Rd M.