Pottery artist Xiong Kaibo is having a solo-exhibition at the Jing Tong Art Space through the end of this month.

Born in 1977, Xiong obtained his postgraduate degree at the China Academy of Art in 2005 and doctorate at Tsinghua University in 2015.

At first sight, the pieces created by Xiong remind people of ancient Chinese bronzes in regard to shape and color.

An expert of pottery works, Xiong works swiftly through the creation processes, from selecting the right mud to mixing the glaze colors to the final firing.

“I always consider that a quality work should stand for its particular cultural roots on the international art stage,” Xiong explained.

“While at the same time, it should also be infused with a modern flavor. I am glad to hear some critics call my works ‘the echoes of the ancient and the melody of the contemporary’.”

The highlight of the exhibition is “Stand High and Gaze Far.” The piece of work gives the viewers a strong sense of artistic tension, conveying the simple and unadorned feature of painted pottery, and the mellow and dignified features of bronze.

A tiny sheep standing on the lid of the piece renders a vivid and lively atmosphere to the work itself.

Xiong is not only a talented potter, he also knows perfectly of the subtle gradations of light and shade.

The gradient color and the blurred traditional pattern on the body imply a feeling of remoteness and profundity.

Date: Through June 30, 10:30am-4:30pm

Venue: Jing Tong Art Space

Address: Room 215-217, Bldg B, 700 Huangpi Rd S.