As MoCA in the People’s Park celebrated its 13th birthday, a new art gallery was born nearby on the Bund.

Shanghai Jiu Shi Bund Art Museum opened last month, occupying 1,400 square meters on the sixth floor of The House of Roosevelt, one of the historical buildings on the Bund.

“Symphony of the Century — Oil Paintings of the Historical Changes of the Bund,” the opening exhibition, perfectly echoes with the view over the Huangpu River outside the windows.

The exhibition features oil paintings by a group of artists from Shanghai that reflect the many changes that have taken place along the Bund in the last century, and will run through January.

According to Gong Deqing, president of Shanghai Jiu Shi Group, “this museum provides a opportunity for more ordinary people to step into the historical building and appreciate art at the Bund, raising the quality of the public services offered by a state-owned company.

For the future, we are thinking about the possibility of opening more space inside these beautiful buildings on the Bund for public art displays.”