La Camera Insabbiata is on show in the Modern Art Base through late October. This is a VR interactive work created by Huang Hsin-Chien, a new media artist from Taiwan, and Laurie Anderson, a performance artist known as the “American music godmother.”

The work has won the Best VR Experience Award at the 74th Venice International Film Festival.

La Camera Insabbiata, also known as Chalkroom, is built from countless giant blackboards to create a vast virtual space. It constructs an old, gloomy world with VR technology.

Visualize it, transform the abstract and intangible concept into something concrete and graphic.

In eight unique rooms, visitors can find floating words flowing elegantly. Occasionally, their whisper may be turned into a new sculpture.

Huang is a cross-border creator who has knowledge of art, design, engineering and video games. He always dares to use new technology to challenge ideas of aesthetics.

The audience enters the Chalkroom and wears a VR device to become involved in a virtual world. The most attractive part of this room is that it takes advantage of the chalk form throughout the process. The creator said that although chalk can be erased on the blackboard, it can’t be completely cleared, which has similarity with our memories of the past.

The application of VR technology can make every visitor catch the flowing memories and stories when “flying” in fantastic dreams. For the combination of art and VR technology, Huang believes that VR images are a novel experience for most viewers, and there are more possibilities for recreation.


Date: Through October 27 (Closed on Mondays), 11am-8pm

Tickets: 60-120 yuan

Venue: Modern Art Base

Address: 10 Jianguo Rd