UNArt Center is presenting its opening show “The Kind Stranger” until October 20. A total of 43 art works from 37 artists are on display, including paintings, installations, sculptures, photography, video and performance.

The art center has been created in the old 1950s Dongchang Cinema.

Titled “The Kind Stranger,” the show centers on the new conditions and conflicts of a modern human society driven by an accelerating technological revolution.

The entire exhibition is designed with a fictional scenario.

“The Kind Stranger” is the protagonist of a story from the future who invites people to enjoy his/her “private collections” in sound and vibe through various exhibits and texts in physical or digital forms.

Artists include aaajiao, Bi Rongrong, Cédric Van Parys, Fito Segrera, Louisa Galiardi, Marc Lee and many more, who are mostly based in Shanghai. The artworks were created from 2008 to 2018.

“Humanistic concepts are intertwined with the evolving progress of our technical environment,” said Bai Zhifei, one of the curators.

“The so-called humanistic and technological should not be considered separately.

“In addition, we might need to reconsider how we can be prepared for the upcoming ‘new era?’ And would the ‘new era’ be truly ‘new?’

“The exhibition does not attempt to provide any solid answer for these interrogations, but as a cultural event, it may still tap into the situation that modern people are all immersed in. It is a time of significant transitions, something we all have to go through.”

Date: Through October 20, closed on Tuesdays

Admission: Free

Venue: UNArt Center

Address: 150 Nanquan Rd N., Pudong New Area