A multimedia art exhibition “Silhouette of the Sea” is ongoing at the Chi K11 Art Museum.

Multi-sensory and immersive, the exhibition includes works by artists, underwater photographers and veteran divers. The exhibits explore the relationship between humans and the ocean. And visitors can interact with many audio and visual artworks in the museum for an in-depth exploration of the mysterious world.

One of the highlights — “Deep Blue Kaleidoscope” by Liu Zhenchen — focuses on presenting dynamic images of the post-modern urban experience.

The dimension-variable acrylic light boxes imply the observation of beautiful forms in Greek. Moreover, these glowing blue elements signify the fragments of the kaleidoscope, decomposed by the ocean.

Immerse yourself in wonders and mysteries of the deep sea

“I Saw the Silhouette of the Sea” by Qian Qingtong

Another fantastic work “I Saw the Silhouette of the Sea” showcases the space that its designer Qian Qingtong tailored for the exhibition.

Through this transition space between lonesome deep blue paint and the surface of the ocean, the audience can see combined lights and colors, then experience a calm moment, sitting, lying and relaxing.

In addition to the unique world built by multimedia artists, this exhibition includes an interactive space for the viewers. There is a big blank wall where visitors can create their own artworks based on their cognition of the ocean — they can choose their own space or cover up others’ works. Over time, the entire wall will be covered by blue paintings, just like a sea.

This crafted project aims to inspire viewers to protect and build connection with the ocean.


Date: Through October 13, 10am-8pm (last admission 7:30pm)

Tickets: 120 yuan

Venue: Chi K11 Art Museum

Address: B3/F, 300 Huaihai Rd M.