Emerging French artist Tess Dumon is to showcase her first exhibition in China — “A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.”

Running through December 29 at the Galerie Dumonteil, the exhibit features most of her recent creations, including a dozen gouache paintings and several sculptures, from her Shanghai residency.

The theme of the artist’s exhibition “A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever” originated from a John Keats poem “Endymion.”

In “Endymion” the poet states that something beautiful will give pleasure long after it ceases to exist.

Born in 1990, Dumon trained at the Atelier de Sevres in Paris, moved to London for sculpture studies in Central Saint Martins before finishing her MA at the Royal College of Art.

Having no clue about the origins of her brother’s autism, Dumon turned toward myths, symbols and legends at a very young age.

During her artistic studies, she started to create her own mythology, including horses from her brother’s horse therapy sessions, unique handmade blue paint and poems.

In this exhibition, the artist combines her story with terms and elements selected from Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese folklore.

The visually captivating sculptures have always been a significant part of her creation.

The aluminum and stainless steel used in her sculptures reflect perfectly any incoming ray of light, contrasting with the dramatic meaning of her work and the roughness of the material she sculpts by hand.

The spotlight of her work on paper at the exhibition is “Amber” which retells an early Chinese tale about tigers, whose souls enter the earth and become amber — a belief that attempts to associate immortality with an object that takes millions of years to form.

Exhibition info

Date: Through December 29, 11am-7pm

Venue: Galerie Dumonteil

Address: Bldg 105, 199 Hengshan Rd