Explosive Paintings by Chinese Artist Hua Tunan


The artist from China, Hua Tunan is a very talented young man, he creates incredibly beautiful paintings from the multi-colored spray of paint.

Hua Tunan’s paintings are painted in a rather unusual technique, the artist prefers to work in a mixed technique combining Western style with Oriental, graffiti – with the classics of Chinese painting, and modern elements and methods – with traditional, ethnic. Therefore, he paints not only with paints but also with mascara, giving the desired shape to the chaotic multicolored blobs on the canvas. So there are bright colors from a colorful spray.

HuaTunan123 HuaTunan321 HuaTunan643 HuaTunan1143 HuaTunan1343 HuaTunan2321 HuaTunan456476 HuaTunan700198 HuaTunan999876 HuaTunan5091876 HuaTunan855433324562431