A joint contemporary art exhibition is currently on display at Marie’s Art Museum through December 25.

Curated by Song Kexi, the exhibit invited 10 artists living in Shanghai to focus on the relationship between human beings and urban space. The participating artists include Ding She, Qiu Jia and Yang Dongbai, and the artworks vary from canvas, installation, video to mix-media.

“Despite the vastness of the urban space, everyone is related to each other, perhaps just around the corner,” said Song. “We are so closely inter-linked in the city, far exceeding any period in the history.

“When the urban space becomes more complicated in varied functions, the less we are likely to move. In fact, for most of the time our physical body is grounded while our spiritual world is floating in the air.”

Song said that an exhibition on the subject can be quite limited, but that she believes it can raise the question of how to “satisfy our spiritual needs under the expanding of urban space.”

Exhibition info

Date: Through December 25, 9:30am-4:30pm

Address: 3300 Yan’an Rd W.