The joint exhibition “Nine Journeys Through Time” brings together an exceptional combination of nine artistic explorations, at the Yuz Museum, and expresses their visions through nine projects in several artistic languages.

Andrea Anastasio’s work “Eden” is inspired by a giant anaconda — a metaphor for a consumptive society, which gobbles up everything in its path.

Visitors are led along a path through a landscape of urban furnishings, like a luxurious yet unsettling “skin” — a python that has shed its skin and its scales, all shiny — an analogy for the omnivorous quality luxury of the living creature today.

Alex Schweder’s artwork “to Sofa to Bed to” offers visitors some breathing space. The furry sofa-like installation allows two persons to rest at a time. Shortly after their heads hit the pillows, air begins to fill the soft suede-like surface.

The sofas use a special material of Alcantara that looks sparkling, and as they continue to engorge, the horizontal guests slowly rotate toward each other. When full, the inflated forms have turned the backs of the sofas into a giant bed, where strangers are face-to-face with one another intimately.

The short intimacy comes to an end as the bleed valves are opened and the bed, rotating in silence, returns to its former state as two sofas again.

The “Room,” by Krijn de Koning, invites people to enter a space that is entirely coated in various colors of Alcantara. The edges of the architecture — doors, windows, passageways and geometric rooms — are superimposed onto the real space, thus creating a fictitious perception of time and space.

Made from Alcantara, a highly innovative material, all site-specific works on display evolve from an eponymous show previously presented in the Apartment of the Prince, in Milan’s Royal Palace, conceived and co-curated by Davide Quadrio and Massimo Torrigiani in 2018.

Date: Through October 7 (closed on Mondays)

Tickets: 60 yuan

Venue: Yuz Museum

Address: 35 Fenggu Rd