12/12/2017 at 10:00
04 April at 18:30
Macao Museum of Art
Macao Museum of Art, Av. Xiang Xing Hai, Macau 澳门 艺术 博物馆, 澳门 新 口岸 冼星海 大 大
Macao, Macao

Chinese artist Xu Bin is known for his ambiguous vision of writing. In his works, both Chinese hieroglyphs and letters of the alphabet serve as a material for the expression and construction of various images that push us to rethink the very function of writing, symbols, codes, and signs in our lives. An open exhibition takes place in the Museum of Art in Macau, in comparison with the scale of the building, the exhibition takes up little space, but the works of Xu Bin attract attention with interesting graphics solutions and a combination of abstract ideas in the texts and clear black and white lines. A great chance to look at the Chinese script from a different angle.