Shanghai-based artist Mianhua is hosting her solo exhibition “Wrinkles & Ballads” at Jinqiao Biyun Art Museum, where she showcases more than 40 creations, such as paintings, sculptures and installations.

Many of Mianhua’s works expresses her idea of embracing life, attempting to create a rhythm of her own to enjoy slow ballads amid the fast pace of life.

“The exhibition is a wonderful ballad in this era in favor of grand narratives,” said Shen Qilan, curator of the exhibition. “It is not advancing bravely or chasing trends. It is without any manifesto or ambition. Yet, it is irresistibly fascinating. You can’t help but stop to listen to her soft ballads.”

Relying on intuition and self-learned techniques, Mianhua developed her own visual language and created her own world on the canvas. Viewers may not be able to associate with any art theories to analyze her creations, as the artist chooses to rely on her emotions as a driving force.

The artist named herself Mianhua, which means “cotton.” Such a choice also reveals an authentic and gentle side to her, as cotton is neither good-looking, nor fragrant, when it blooms. Yet, it contains the memory of the field that is deeply etched in our memories.

Mianhua uses rich colors in her paintings, with flaming flowers intertwined among ribbons of green leaves. Elements of a mystical starry sky can be seen in most of her art, signifying the artist’s admiration of Earth’s beauty.

Mianhua says: “I am in awe of all visible and invisible things in the universe. All life is poetic and divine at its birth. Every true, everlasting love and beauty implies sorrow. My work always revolves around the grandeur and subtlety of life itself.”

Exhibition info

Dates: Through August 25 (closed Mondays)

Time: 10am-5pm

Venue: Jinqiao Biyun Art Museum

Address: 151 Hongfeng Rd

Admission: free