The three-day exhibition of the art installation “Gaia” by UK artist Luke Jerram runs until July 21 at the Rockbund in Shanghai. The highlight of “Discovery Space Week” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon.

Measuring 7 meters in diameter, the art installation is about one-180th the actual size of the Earth. Hanging up high in the air at the end of Yuanmingyuan Road, the luminous sphere vividly showcased the surface of the Earth through sculptures inside. Visitors are recommended to stand about 211 meters to the artwork, and will be able to see the exact view of the Earth that Neil Armstrong and his fellow astronauts saw 50 years ago when landing on the Moon.

Alongside the installation “Gaia,” visitors will be able to experience the moon landing through a simulated rover and space-themed documentaries by the Discovery channel.