“Special Exhibition on Music and Dance Scenes in Dunhuang Murals,” which opened on June 9 at Xuhui Art Museum, has attracted nearly 25,000 visitors within two months.

Technology is a key element in this exhibition.

Upon arrival at the exhibition hall, visitors are like entering a modern Dunhuang cave. A major highlight is a seven-minute holographic movie which, for the first time ever, brings a figure on one of the Dunhuang murals to life.

With a tune played with pipashengxun and other traditional Chinese instruments by an eight-member band, a dancer with a waist drum from a mural painted during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) is conjured up as a holographic figure in motion.

Another highlight is an interesting animation played on the walls which uses track mirror technology, said to be applied at a Shanghai museum for the first time.

In order to draw more foreign visitors to the exhibition, an English tour guide is available and can be booked by calling 6431-3738.

The exhibition, underway at 1413 Huaihai Road M., will end on September 2. It is free of charge.