East-meets-West concert sheds light on new Chinese folk music


German composer and music producer Robert Zollitsch, or better known for his Chinese name Lao Luo (Old Luo), and his wife Gong Linna, a famous Chinese singer, will return to Shanghai stage tonight for a concert on new Chinese folk music in collaboration with conductor Yao Shenshen and the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra.

The concert will begin with one of Lao Luo’s compositions “Bridge,” followed by “Four Seasons in Jiangnan,” “The Song of Yi River” and “Xi Xing,” which showcase his comprehensive understanding of Chinese traditional instruments and folk music.

Lao Luo’s music combines traditional Chinese elements, such as the erhu (a two-stringed bowed instrument), suona(a double-reed horn) and dizi (transverse flute) with Western instruments to create a unique style of “new Chinese folk music.”

Gong will be performing at the concert as a guest singer.

The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra previously collaborated with Lao Luo in 2013 for a performance dedicated to his compositions.

Performance details

Date: June 28, 7:30pm
Tickets: 80-580 yuan
Tel: 4008-210-522
Venue: Shanghai Symphony Hall
Address: 1380 Fuxing Rd M.