For many, design might simply mean interior decoration, but in reality it is the entire creative process.

The 2019 Shanghai Design Week will guide newcomers to explore the unlimited possibilities of creative design.

Starting this weekend at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, the event aims to build a platform to introduce a series of new concepts, new products and new applications that cross culture, art, technology and science.

The main exhibition hall has been transformed into “A Magical Sea World” to accommodate nearly 200 brands from more than 10 countries around the world, merging the traditional designs of showroom, exhibition space, public space and runway.

This year, the theme is “Shanghai Design Week Starts Again,” which aims to break free of stereotyped concepts of designs.

One of the highlights is a cluster of products developed by Waste-Free Planet, a project initiated by movie star Jackie Chan.

Together with sculptors, 3D painters, canvas artists, architects, industrial design experts and script writers, Chan has developed art products based on waste materials.

Design has been used to transform waste products into artworks or practical items with an aesthetic taste or a sense of humor.

Another eye-catching piece is “The Wing of Angel,” which is an interactive work fusing fashion, installation and performing art. The work consists of 70 triangle-shaped rucksacks with special material Tybek developed by DuPont. Visitors can take pictures among the two rucksack-shaped-wings. The rucksacks can be either auctioned or sold on site, rendering a message of the flow of time.

Here design is not just something to be seen but also tasted. Three handmade types of ice-cream are specially designed as a summer treat for visitors.

There are other satellite venues during the “2019 Shanghai Design Week,” such as the Pearl Art Museum and the Jing’an Cultural Art Center, to guide locals to find the real beauty in the banality of life.

Exhibition info

Date: From August 30 to September 1, 9am-6pm

Tickets: 60 yuan

Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center

Address: 1000 Yan’an Rd M.