Segue – China’s rural and man-made side captured by Bence Bakonyi.

Photographer Bence Bakonyi spent one year in China, where he tried to find his home in a world that felt strange and unfamiliar at the very beginning. Without being able to speak Chinese, it was difficult for him to talk with the locals. At the beginning of his journey, he tried to avoid the metropolitan areas. Therefore, Bence Bakonyi wandered through the vastness of China’s landscapes. Instead of taking pictures of people, he focused on their environment. In the course of his journey, he started to explore the cities as well. If you look at his photo series you can see the development of his journey as well as the long process of getting used to the country. The photo series takes you on a visual trip starting with rural places up to the man-made world.

A thoughtful image full of silence.

A few images can be seen below but I recommend you to visit Bence Bakonyi’s website to explore the full series. His online gallery includes a variety of different photo projects.

A view towards the tall buildings of the city.

Exploring the man-made world.

Fortunately, in almost every city you can find a place to rest, a place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle. Impressions of China captured by Bence Bakonyi. Living in a confined space. In many Chinese cities one can find enormous residential buildings close together. Rapidly growing cities. Segue is a photo series by Bence Bakonyi. This images provides a great comparison of old vs new. Unembellished urban photography in China.