Maud Boesen's "Outsider," mixed medium on canvas

Danish artist Maud Boesen is presenting her third solo exhibition of abstract works.

The 37-year-old intends to showcase her new paintings as a mirror of herself in her home country.

In comparison to her earlier works, the latest paintings have more striking visual effects in a brighter tone, with contrast between cold and warm colors, to express her personal emotions from a new life experience.

Boesen, who has lived in Shanghai for five years, has abandoned her usual peaceful moments. Instead, more conflicts and struggles come into play as a powerful language of art creation.

The determined and sharp lines merge with vibrant colors and become a deep reflection of the artist’s assertive personality and positive attitude toward the changes of life.

Boesen tries to convey an invisible message to viewers with her firm brushstrokes by encouraging people to live their dreams, no matter how life treats them, and to stay strong and positive when facing harsh situations in life.

She says she believes the true beauty of life will come one day if we pursue our dreams and keep faith in life.

Maud Boesen's "Live Your Dreams"
Maud Boesen’s “Live Your Dreams”