An exhibition dedicated to “Animation + Comics” is underway at the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai.

Supported by several high-profile art organizations including The Macau Museum of Art, Luxelakes•A4 Art Museum, Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art, Hong Kong Visual Art Center and Art:1 New Museum, Jakarta, the “Animamix Biennale — Ballade” features the works of 26 artists who are active in the development of the contemporary Animamix.

The exploration produced by Animamix Biennale — from artist Song Ling’s poetic portraits, Wu Junyong’s abstract empires and rare beasts, Ma Liang’s intriguing puppet show to artists Zhou Xiaohu, Lu Pingyuan and Xu Min’s new media installation which uses light, shadow, video and sculptures — looks to the aesthetic development of the future and reflects on contemporary social culture, the digital world, bioengineering, digital media and interactive gaming.


One highlight is the game “Paused-Mind Zone.”

By 2310, the “Virtual Migration” will be completed, organic life will be extinct and the total online number of Paused-Mind Zone’ will match the total number of mankind. “Paused-Mind Zone” upgrades and becomes the “Planet of Consciousness.”


With its rich stories and unique interactive design, “Paused-Mind Zone” allows the visitors to travel between the virtual world and the real world.

Gong Mingguang, director of the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, said “the aim of the Animamix Biennale is to open up a new concept of art for the public from the perspective of ‘traditional narrative method plus contemporary story content’.”

Exhibition details

Date: Through August 28, 10am-6pm
Tickets: 80 yuan (40 yuan for students)
Venue: MoCA Shanghai, Gate 7, People’s Park
Address: 231 Nanjing Rd W.