The work of contemporary female Chinese artists goes on show at Turner Contemporary this week.

NOW: A dialogue on female Chinese contemporary artists features the work of Yin Xiuzhen and Duan Jianyu and is part of a UK-wide collaboration.

Beijing-born Yin Xiuzhen is one of the most established artists working in China today.


Her work Digestive Cavity (2015), which goes on show at the Margate venue’s Sunley Gallery, is one of a series of installations in the form of enlarged internal organs – in this case a giant stomach. The aim is to make viewers stop and slow down, as an antidote to the fast pace of modern life.

Her work has evolved in response to the urban and economic development of China since the 1980s, which she has witnessed in her home city of Beijing.


Audiences can step inside Digestive Cavity, and process their thoughts and reflections.
Duan Jianyu makes large-scale paintings exploring the tensions between urban and rural China.

A selection of her work is going on show, exploring daily life, rural scenes and Chinese traditions at risk of disappearing.

The art can be seen until Sunday, September 2. The gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday and is free to enter. For details, go to or call 01843 233 000.