A copy of a famous Chinese fresco, which is on exhibit at the British Museum, is on tour in China.

The original fresco used to be in a monastery in North China’s Hebei province. It was painted by monks from Mount Wutai, a famous Buddhist mountain in North China’s Shanxi province, according to the British Museum.

The fresco – Three Bodhisattvas – was painted during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in Qingliang Monastery in Xingtang county, Shijiazhuang, according to Hao Jianwen, one of the major painters of the copy.

The fresco was taken away from Hebei province in 1920s, Hao said.

Started last year, Hao and his team of 26 painters spent three months to finish the painting. The copy, 4-meters long and 3.9 meters wide, is the same size as the original piece.

The copy is on display in Shanxi and will be put in the Museum of Xingtang County after its tour exhibition ends, Hao said.